Away Digital Home; a problem solver for the homebuilder

We’ll say it louder for the people in the back: A successful business is one with efficiencies that lead to reduced lead times and costs.

The Away Digital Home platform provides an effective solution to significant issues that often arise in the homebuilding industry. What if we said we could slash material amounts of time off your projects, allowing you to reap more financial rewards a lot sooner?

Well, that’s what this powerful photo-real, interactive, data connected platform can do for your business. The Away Digital Home will have your homebuyers visualising their future home by exploring an interactive home design. Rather than walking around endless display homes that they struggle to make a meaningful connection with, customers can virtually build their dream home in front of their eyes.

What does this mean for your business?

Imagine if you could remove the need for constructing and operating a percentage of your display home program

– How much time and money would your business save?
– How much quicker you could bring new designs to market?
– What in terms of ROI does it mean for your marketing?

Instead, quality time can be spent with your customers, empowering them to sign with complete confidence whilst experiencing a superior customer journey. And that saved money is sitting quite nicely in your business pocket.

Not only will our interactive house design platform offer the big players in the homebuilding industry an end-to-end solution, as a business, you will also have unique access to data and insights that can only be this rapidly obtained through an exceptional digital experience. You will have customer choices, home selections, trends and much more all at your fingertips – thus allowing you to work on new product-to-market whilst staying ahead of the game.

With unreal architectural visualisation, the Away Digital Home platform offers a superior digital experience empowering the homebuilder to worry less about costs, timelines and tedious processes involved when it comes to building a home. Start the process sooner, dramatically improve both operational and financial efficiencies.

Take your seat at the industry-leader table.

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